Supply List for the New Mother and Baby


Supply list for the new mother and baby

  1. Car Seat.  Be sure to have it checked for correct installation and placed in the car for the  trip home.  Check here for more information on babies and car seats.
  2. Several prepared meals for when you get home
  3. Phone numbers for restaurants that deliver or a delivery service such as Waiter on the Way
  4. Mattress cover for the adult bed
  5. Sanitary napkins-maternity sized for the first couple weeks and smaller for later
  6. Nursing pads and nursing bras
  7. Nursing gowns (cotton is more comfortable)
  8. Birth announcements and thank you notes
  9. Diapers.  Cloth diapers are great burp pads even if you use disposables
  10. Diaper ointment such as A and D or Desitin
  11. Plastic pants and diaper pins (a bar of soap for storing pins)
  12. Diaper pail
  13. Baby towels and washcloths  (Think about how often you want to run the washer)
  14. Baby soap and shampoo
  15. Receiving blankets, comforter or quilts as needed for the weather and the temperature of your house
  16. Knit hat for baby
  17. Baby shirts, kimonos, gowns, sleepers, booties and socks in 0-6 month size
  18. Crib or cradle and bedding
  19. Bottles and bottle warmer
  20. If you are going to bottle-feed, discuss formula with the pediatrician.
  21. Pacifiers
  22. Infant thermometer
  23. List of phone numbers for the calls from the hospital and a list of emergency numbers at home

Great gifts

  1. Rocker or glider
  2. Snugli or other baby carrier
  3. Baby book
  4. Mobiles
  5. Radio for the nursery
  6. Intercom for the baby’s room
  7. Donation fund for cord blood donation if you are interested.
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